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How to Spot High Achieving Volunteers and Tips to Keep Them

Every leader loves a volunteer that goes above and beyond. Unfortunately, we don’t always know how to utilize this type of volunteer to their fullest capability. In this article for Worship Facilities, I give leaders four ways to spot high achieving volunteers and four tips to keep them engaged.

3 Keys to Developing Church Volunteers

It is said that most engaged couples spend more time preparing for the wedding than the actual marriage. In the same way, many churches spend more time recruiting volunteers than they do helping them grow as leaders. In this article for Worship Facilities, I give church leaders three important keys to developing volunteers.

The Summer Volunteer Slump

With people taking vacation during the summer months, church leaders often deal with being short-staffed when it comes to volunteers.  In this post for The Church Network, I offer four practical ways for church leaders to ensure they have the volunteers needed throughout the summer season.